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"The repurchase obligation study report included a detailed analysis of options we could implement which was invaluable. Without a doubt, ESOP Economics' assistance provided us a roadmap that I'm not certain we would have discovered without their input."

- Mark Kirschner, Wheaton Van Lines

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The industry-leading software for forecasting ESOP repurchase obligations. 

Backed by expert technical support,

our web-based ESOP software is easy to use and offers:

  • Cost-effectiveness

Model as many studies and scenarios as you want

  • Flexibility

Explore a wide array of alternative strategies

  • Independence

Work on your own without consultants

  • Actionable Information

Make informed decisions

  • Convenience

Update in real-time

"Telescope is an excellent software which is only surpassed by the outstanding customer service team supporting it."

- Steve Dorfman, Cellusuede Products, Inc.



Work with the best.

We’re the leading experts in ESOP repurchase obligation studies, sustainability analysis, and consulting. Combining our expertise with our industry-leading software, Telescope™, we help ESOP companies make educated decisions about their repurchase obligations.
Repurchase obligations are our sole focus, which has allowed us to develop a depth of experience that’s unmatched in the industry. There’s nothing we haven’t seen before – and our independence means clients can count on completely objective guidance.

"We’ve had the pleasure of working with ESOP Economics since 2011. They provide valuable advice on various options and strategies for our ESOP and comprehensive repurchase obligation reporting." 

- K. Pollak, Eileen Fisher



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