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December 18, 2016

Model Last Day Rule for Turnover

Employees in the census with a date of termination of the last day of the plan year and reason turnover will now have covered comp and get an allocation.

Individual Reports - 0% or 100% div election rate

When you run an individual report, you are now given the option to have the individual(s) diversify or not. If you select no, but they diversify in the first year per the census, they will still diversify in the first year.

Help File Updates

Turnover table section was missing from the help file. It has been added with an additional note about a 0% adjustment being the same as a 100% adjustment.

Projection Validation for 401k tranches

If the same tranche is selected for deferral and match, an error is now returned. We also fixed the validation so that it doesn't do 401(k) validation if "same rules for all groups" is selected and the selected group doesn't have deferral or match.

Copying Large Studies

It's now much faster to copy a large study. Large studies used to take over an hour and now complete in under 1 minute.

Server 500 Error when clicking report icons

It's now possible to run projections for 1 year and view reports with or without zeros. It is also now possible to hide zeros on individual reports and view the Excel output.

Shares added when recirculating at "current year end value"

When recirculating at "current year end value", the total shares in the ESOP now stay constant as they should.

Turnover adj % of 0 - add warning

Actuarial Tables tab now shows a warning if you enter an adjustment of 0% to let you know you need to select "None" for the table to model no turnover.

Retirement Dates Warning - Cap Delay 65&10

If a retirement age/date is entered on this warning screen which results in the ee retiring after 65&10, their distribution will begin in the year following termination, which is consistent with how it works with a census date of termination.

Retirement Dates Warning - Adj Covered Comp if Age

If a retirement age is entered on this warning screen, the ee is assumed to retire on birthday, and covered comp is adjusted accordingly. (This is now consistent with how it works with a Retirement Age entered in the census.)

Correct Total in Diversification Report

The Diversification Report total line is now correct in PDF.

Total Sources of Cash should include 401k deferral

Total Sources of Cash, and Total Cash Going into ESOP now include the 401(k) deferral if "exclude from grand totals" is not checked.

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