This intensive, virtual class will teach you to do a repurchase obligation study from start to finish using Telescope. The class is ideal for new Telescope users with a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel and ESOPs, as well as seasoned Telescope users looking to learn new ways to utilize the software.

The two-day class from October 21-22, 2020, will cater to specific levels of expertise.  

  • First Day: Telescope Basics $750

  • Second Day: Advanced Telescope Applications $750

  • Both Days: Complete Class $1,200


The first day will focus on basic skills like:

  • Formatting census file for upload to Telescope

  • Performing a historical analysis of company turnover

  • Discussing ESOP plan provisions and entering assumptions into Telescope

The second day will focus on advanced skills such as: 

  • Running reports and analyzing results

  • Modeling additional scenarios

  • Creating a meaningful report for the Board of Directors

Virtual webinars combined with group conversations and one-on-one sessions will help subscribers maximize their subscriptions. Prior to attending class, you will be asked to gather and review materials for your repurchase obligation study.

Important Dates

  • By September 8 - Gather and review data to prepare for class.

  • September 8 (2-3 pm EDT) - Webinar to discuss and answer questions regarding the data required for the class.

  • October 1 - Registration Deadline

  • October 21 – 22 - Virtual Group Training Class. 

What Previous Attendees Are Saying

"The class is hands-on - using your own census, your own plan document, and NO distractions! The turnover analysis was also a great help. It gave me a much more realistic rate than traditional calcs from HR."

"The class was very worthwhile. It was valuable to me to listen to the explanations of why certain options were chosen, and understand different ways to double check my data."

"The staff was gracious and very knowledgeable."


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