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Founded in 1993, when awareness of repurchase obligations was just beginning to emerge, ESOP Economics is the only firm that is exclusively focused on helping ESOP companies plan for this important issue.  Over the years, our talented group of ESOP advisors has worked with hundreds of companies throughout the country to help them quantify their future repurchase obligations and develop strategies for managing and funding them.

In 1997, we released the first version of our proprietary software, Telescope™, developed specifically for the purpose of forecasting ESOP repurchase obligations.  Now completely web-based, Telescope is widely recognized as the leading software product in this field.  


ESOP Economics is known not only for its Telescope Software but also for expertise of its staff and the quality of the work product delivered to its clients.  

Witold Telezynski
Linda McPolin
Witold Telezynski


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