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The industry-leading software for forecasting ESOP repurchase obligations. 

FuturePlan Telescope Demo

FuturePlan Telescope Demo

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Backed by expert technical support, our web-based ESOP repurchase obligation software is easy to use and offers:


  • Cost-effectiveness

Model as many studies and scenarios as you want

  • Flexibility

Explore a wide array of alternative strategies

  • Independence

Work on your own without consultants


  • Actionable Information

Make informed decisions


  • Convenience

Update in real-time


"Telescope has been much more flexible in performing Repurchase Obligation Studies than the software we previously used. The customer support has been great, and the staff is always helpful and willing to go the extra mile to make sure Im able to perform an accurate series of projections. I wholeheartedly recommend Telescope as a product for anyone needing to perform Repurchase Obligation Studies."

- Paul P. Dougherty, CPA, Recology


24/7 Access

Log in and use our ESOP forecasting software anytime from anywhere.


Basic setup of your first study (including census and basic plan provisions).


Access to our periodic live training webinars and our robust training library.


Unlimited basic technical support via phone and email. 


Learn about repurchase obligations & network with other ESOP companies at our Annual Client Meeting.


A telescope subscription includes:

Telescope Software Logo

With our web-based software you can:

  • Prepare a robust forecast of repurchase obligations for up to 40 years


  • Understand ESOP repurchase alternatives

    • Funding strategy

    • Distribution policies

    • Recycling, redeeming, or releveraging shares (or a combination!)


  • Stress test your funding strategy


  • Understand the impact of different strategies on specific participants

    • Analyze participant benefit levels


  • Get presentation-ready reports and graphs


Detailed Product Features

"Telescope has been an invaluable tool in assisting us in forecasting our repurchase obligation.  Questions always present themselves during the study, but the support staff at Telescope always have the correct answers."

- George Hampton, McNaughton-McKay Electric Company


Additional Services
Telescope Software Logo

Additional Services

We offer customized services to help you as you learn and grow more proficient with Telescope, including:


  • Telescope Enhanced Tech Support

We can do any part of your study for you (e.g. prepare your census upload file, perform analysis of historical turnover, create additional scenarios, etc), or offer custom training by the hour.


  • Telescope Study Set-Up

We can set up your complete study so that you can easily run projections.


  • Telescope Study Audit

Want to be sure that your study is set up properly? A Study Audit can give you that confidence.


Work through the process of performing a repurchase obligation study from start to finish with the benefit of guidance from ESOP Economics in a small classroom setting. 


Have us prepare an independent repurchase obligation study – we’ll help you develop assumptions, analyze results, and identify strategies for managing and funding the repurchase obligations.


"The team at ESOP Economics provide a great deal of support and training that makes using the Telescope software easy. They always provide prompt and thorough responses to questions, and provide phenomenal customer service."

- Mariah Soland, Pima Medical Institute


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